Our Dedicated and Excellent Service

The Salins family ancestors started growing strawberries in New Jersey during the 1800s.  Presently the Salins’ roots in the produce arena continues and span three generations.  Lee Salins started by working for his father Ronnie wholesaling produce at the Capital City Market on Florida Avenue in D.C.  Today Salins is considered to be one of the largest strawberry brokers in the U.S. and has been located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland since 2003.

Family Oriented

In 2004, Lee Salins, LLC was founded by Lee. Today it continues to be family oriented and family-driven business dedicated to providing fresh produce to both the public and businesses along the eastern seaboard.

As a family-run business, everyone takes pride in their different roles across the company to further their reputation and success.  Lee rely not only on themselves but the next generation of Salins and employees to push the company in the right direction and keep it progressing forward.


  • Family run company
  • No delivery fees
  • Order as late as 10:00pm for next day delivery
  • Daily deliveries
  • Fresh produce at your fingertips
  • Competitive pricing